Google Input Tools Offline Installer for Windows 7,8,10(32/64bit)

Are you looking for Google input tools offline installer? If yes, you are in the correct place. Actually, Google removed the offline installer from its website. Don’t worry! I have Google input tools offline installer for all languages.

What is Google Input Tools Offline Installer?

“Google input tools offline installer” is a tool used to type various languages easily. The specialty of the offline installer is you don’t need internet and it works with all softwares. I don’t know why Google stopped the support for the offline installer. Still, a lot of users are searching for an offline installer. To help those peoples I created this article.

Google Input Tools Offline Installer Download

You can download and install offline installer in Windows 7, 8, and 10. Read out the installation procedure carefully.

Google Input Tools Primary Offline InstallerDownload
Hindi Offline InstallerDownload
Tamil Offline InstallerDownload
Bengali Offline InstallerDownload
Gujarati Offline InstallerDownload
Kannada Offline InstallerDownload
Malayalam Offline InstallerDownload
Marathi Offline InstallerDownload
Oriya Offline InstallerDownload
Punjabi Offline InstallerDownload
Sanskrit Offline InstallerDownload
Telugu Offline InstallerDownload
Urdu Offline InstallerDownload
Amheric Offline InstallerDownload
Arabic Offline InstallerDownload
Farsi Offline InstallerDownload
Greek Offline InstallerDownload
Hebrew Offline InstallerDownload
Nepali Offline InstallerDownload
Russian Offline InstallerDownload
Serbian Offline InstallerDownload
Sinhalese Offline InstallerDownload
Tigrinya Offline InstallerDownload

Installation Procedure

To install Google input tools offline installer, follow the steps I have mentioned below.

  • Download Google Input Tools Primary Installer and Respective Language
  • First Install the Google Input Tools Primary Installer
  • After that, install the respective language

For example, If I want to install Google input tools Tamil language then download both primary and Tamil language. After that, install the primary installer first after that install the Google Input Tamil.

google input tools offline installer

Hurrah! That’s it. You have successfully installed the Google Input Tools offline installer on your pc. The installation procedure is the same for all operating systems such as Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10.

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To switch language, click the language bar and select the language you want to type or click “Windows + Space Bar” to switch the language.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to download Google input tools offline installer for Android?

If you want to type indic languages in Android then goto the playstore then search “Google Indic Keyword” and install. Actually, Google input tools offline installer and Google indic keyword are same.

Why Google stopped the support for offline installer?

I don’t know the reason why Google stopped the support for offline installer. Only disadvantage of Google input tools online is you can’t type in other softwares directly.

Final Words

I hope this article helps you to download and install Google input tools offline installer. If you have any doubts regarding this article please let us know via the comment section. I am happy to help you. Sharing is caring! Share this article with your friends and family via social networks.

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